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Each tear that I release
A purpose for there is
For hurt joy and depth of heart
Emotions do thus live

I've wailed in pools of pain
For another soul whose lost
When words their need could not mend
I 've stayed and risked the cost

My tears exude such grief at times
I'm sure that I could die
I take a breath and hold it in
And breathe out in labored sighs

At times my tears are pity
For none other than myself
And yet I rise above my fears
To purpose better health

For surely I'll feel comfort
When emotions fill the space
Of each tiny little droplet
My eyes do let escape

Yet there are tears too  
From depths of love overflown
That  softly trail down my cheeks
From feelings yet exposed

Tears of laughter tears of great joy
Wrapped in these glistening beads
Oh how glorious the gift of tears
Each one a tiny seed

Yes tears are things that mean so much
And noone will quite know
Unless they have the heart to ask
Why do those sweet tears flow


 Piercing Agony Is Never-ending

How could PAIN describe such utter agony
Most of my days are spent looking haggardly

Could you believe that I'm only 38
12 years ago I had such a promising slate

My youth has been stolen unable to be
The Mom I know that's inside of me

Such simple things are all a huge task
When I am done only more pain to mask

I've tried every cure that money can buy
My purse is all empty I sit here and cry

What do I do Lord my children need me
They don't have a father to help oversee

Oh Lord can't you help me this flare doesn't end
Tell me the secrets why my body won't mend

So you see Lord you're all I have now
Send me some hope to wipe my sore brow

Be my strength Lord when I just want to quit
Send an angel to soothe me, beside me to sit

It's so hard to write now my shoulders like a knife
Someone help me overcome this painful life



Over here I say I'm heavy as lead
I ache so badly can't get out of this bed
Don't you see that I need someone's strong hand
This disease so invisible a tightening band

Pretty on rare good days sick underneath
I hide that my limbs tremble like a leaf
God I'm so weak, so exhausted, so scared
If only my family would show that they care

Here I sit in anger watching life pass me by
No one really knows how damn hard I try
Other's out buzzing over here over there
Such simple things a luxury their so unaware

Sometimes the Sun shines yet it's black as night
I'm stuck in this body God it just isn't right
So here's the escape these tiny little pills
My doctor says take them no cure for your ills

Today my eyes are swollen dark circles beneath
The color of white taints both of my cheeks
If the D.D. don't kill me the drugs will have a go
In destroying a beautiful woman so many used to know



Water, warm crystal blue green water promising freedom
I see her, feel her and touch her though she is within me only
A slight bend a second or two and all her glory is mine
Enveloped now past my arms I gently glide down to the nip of my chin
and feel NO MORE of gravity's pain
Holding me supporting me and dancing inside my ears
I close my eyes I breathe in deep the air around this mystic
soothing healing liquid
No travails they all slip away only ripples caressing a body so
thirsty for PEACE
Laying motionless floating held up forever by the essence of earth
No sound to disturb but my own beating heart and for a moment
I connect,,,,,,myself and nature are one
Nothing exists now but the FREEDOM from pain and the knowledge
that I am there