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This section is for your testimonies or stories.  If you would like to add your personal story here please go to the contact me page and e-mail your story to me. Make sure it is exactly like you wish it to be displayed as it will be unedited.  Include your e-mail address at the bottom if you wish to share it, it is not required.  




 Sharing our stories is a wonderful way to help us all learn about the multitude of chronic pain illnesses that others endure and possibly what has helped or not helped each of us individually.  Sharing our stories may also help those who have family and or friends that are seeking to understand. Please share your own story with us.  If you wish to add your e-mail address with your story please state so when you submit it to me, also if you ever desire to edit or delete your info send me what you desire to change and I will happy to do so.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read these stories and send them as well!!  


I was so happy to find your webpage.I read your treatment update, and was
very surprised to find I share so many of your problems! I am 41 yrs. old, a
licensed hairdresser for 25 years, now and I can sure relate to your pain! I
was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1999, after being in alot of pain all the
time.Massage and water therapy helped for just a little while. I then tried
by my Neurologist, different anti inflammatories, about 6 different ones
until I got some relief form 800 milligrams of Motrin. Prior to that I was
taking up to 5 Advil every day. This helped me about 1 year, then it stopped
working, my pain was worse, I then was diagnosed with Osteo in my heels of
my feet and my right shoulder. I then tried anti-depressants as I could not
sleep well, and not get up in the morn, the pain was unbearable. I tried
Celexa, Trazedone,Effexor, then Zoloft. I had a reaction to every one, upset
stomach or total hangover feeling in the morn. I then went back to see my
Neurologist and he basically said there was nothing else to do. I'm also on
50 milligrams of Vioxx which helps with only skeletal pain(Osteo). I've
decided this: I will continue my massage therapy, some water
therapy(Jacuzzi) and I will be trying some Herbal therapy. What have I got to
lose? The Dr. are wasting my time and money. I went online this evening and
found a product I'm going to try.Its called Lifetree.Formulated by a
gentleman by the name of Ahmad Aboukhazaal a master Herbalist. He believes
that our bodies are full of parasites that rob our bodies of our nutrients
and vitamins, some of the parasites he listed were tapeworms and others.He
truly advises people with Fibromyalgia to try his products. The testimonies
were unbelievable. I'm willing to try.The web site is their
1-800-831-0898. I'll keep you posted as to how I feel. Thank you for letting
me write my story.

Sincerely, Sherry Vicente


Aloha....After being diagnosed with FMS a little over a year ago, I now
believe that I have had it my whole life....When I was around 4, I
remember not being able to sleep because my knees and legs hurt so
much. My mom & doctor told me it was "growing pains"...... but I never
stopped growing!! By the time I got to Jr. High I was having alot of
stomach pains and daily headaches too....but basically nothing the
doctor could diagnose...tho' I was hospitalized in my senior year with
"acute gastritus"....By the time I got to college I was keeping a daily
diary trying to figure out why I had so much leg pain one day and not on
others....and I couldn't find a pattern. I shied away from athletics at
an early age, feeling like I was a klutz and that exercise only made me
hurt.... But I also found that it didn't seem to matter whether I had
been very active that day or sedentary - it just didn't seem to be a
predictor on whether I would be in pain or not.... At that point tho'
aspirin worked pretty well on my pain....and by the time I was 20 I was
living on 6 to 10 aspirin a day.... Then I started having more stomach
trouble and was told to stop taking aspirin! At that point I was also
diagnosed by an orthopedic dr. to have "chondro-malacia patella" as the
source of all my knee pain.... I was told it was degenerative and the
only exercise I should do was swimming (which I don't like to do at
all!) Of course, it's all a long story - but after getting into a
regular exercise class and going back to the same dr 6 years later was
told my knees were fine and I didn't have that condition....Meanwhile I
had 2 pregnancies (and 3 kids!) and my aches & pains increased and
spread - I started having alot of ear & jaw pain (TMJ!), back & neck
pain and many times I wrote in my diary that there wasn't one part of my
body that didn't hurt at somepoint.....but when I would finally go to
the doctor to complain I was told how healthy I was - and that it was
stress, lack of exercise, etc.... Thru my 20s and 30s I went back and
forth between the medical profession and holistic remedies.....I used to
say that you name it, I had tried it....And just when I thought I found
something that was helping, I would "flare" up and feel worse, and
decide to try something else.... I was very depressed and anxious for
many years and treated for same - and I spent many years blaming my
unhappy marriage on my physical problems..... I finally got the nerve
to get a divorce after 25 years of marriage - and for a short while I
did feel alot better.....but it's been 6 years since the divorce and
I've found "Mr. Right", and am sooo much happier in so many ways - but
the bottom line is I am still in pain.....everyday....I don't think I
have had a painfree day in over 20 years....obviously there are
different levels and some of the pains are more bearable than others and
some days better than others.... And I manage to work & lead a pretty
normal life and rarely talk about my pains with my friends or
family....I decided years ago nobody wanted to hear about all my
pain....esp. since nobody could tell what was causing it all.....
Now that I have a name for what I've been living with all these years,
it's comforting of sorts, but I've quickly realized there is not one set
treatment or cure for this condition and it still feels like I will
always be in pain....And I have an HMO (Kaiser) for insurance and don't
really have a good relationship with any Dr. there.....But I did get
'Elavil' and it has made a difference - but not enough!!
I've rambled on way too long - and there's lots more to say - but I
think I'd better stop for now!
I would really love to correspond with others who have Fibro and to
share and learn from each other......
Thanks Dovebird for creating this website!!